Introduction to Atomic Email Studio: an all-in-one tool for email marketing

Are you looking for software that has all the needed features for launching email marketing campaigns? Then it’s likely that you’ve just found one! In this review, we will introduce Atomic Email Studio to your attention. This is an all-in-one instrument with the components responsible for each step of the email marketing campaign. Read further, and you will get acquainted with all the features of this great tool!

Features: what Atomic Email Studio can do?

The software consists of six elements. Each of them is capable of helping you with a certain step of the email marketing campaign. Here is the list of them:

  1. Atomic Email Hunter — email extractor for finding addresses on the Web
  2. Atomic Whois Explorer — a tool that collects addresses in Whois database
  3. Atomic Email Logger — a program for gathering addresses from local files
  4. Atomic Email Verifier — a tool for checking whether emails are valid or not
  5. Atomic List Manager — an instrument for organizing contact lists
  6. Atomic Mail Sender — bulk email sender for reaching people with newsletters

Let’s look at all the components in more detail. Read further, and you will find out what they are and how they work.

Atomic Email Hunter

For launching email marketing campaigns, you need to create an address list first. And Atomic Email Hunter can help you with this. This is an email extractor that searches for the addresses on the Web. It has plenty of features for successful email parsing.

Various ways of search

Three ways of search are available: by keyword, on a certain URL, and on certain website by keyword:

Just select the variant appropriate for you and start collecting email addresses of the target audience.

Country selection

You can choose the needed location or look for email addresses worldwide.

This feature will help you to look for email addresses more targeted.

Social media plugins

There is a built-in plugin for searching for email addresses on Facebook and Twitter.

If you know that your target audience “lives” in these social networks then these plugins are what you need.

Company Email Finder

If you work in B2B spheres and your target audience is the employees of different companies then use this feature for finding them. It lets you find all the emails related to a certain company:

Convenient results saving

We have made the test search. We have chosen the search by keyword, entered the “Dog club” keyword, and clicked “Start”. The results of the search looked like this:

Now several variants for their extraction are available:

We can save them in the form of a file, copy to clipboard, export to MS Office or OpenOffice programs, or export to other Atomic Email Studio components that we will overview further in this article.

If you still don’t have enough email addresses or you can’t find the target audience on the websites or on social media, use the next component of Atomic Email Studio, Atomic Whois Explorer. Let’s overview what it is and how it can be used.

Atomic Whois Explorer

This is a piece of software for collecting information from Whois database. Don’t know what it is? Whois Database is the place where the data about the owners of the websites is stored.

Atomic Whois Explorer collects the following information from it:

  • contact data (email, phone, fax, address, etc);
  • admin name;
  • the data of domain registration and its expiration date.

Whom can it be useful for? For example, if you are a blogger and you want to reach out to the other bloggers then your target audience is blog owners. So, where to find their email addresses? Of course, in the Whois database where the data about website owners is contained. Also, this can be useful for B2B spheres. For example, wholesalers can find the email addresses of online shop owners for further email sending.

So, you already know what the Whois database is and why it can be useful for collecting email addresses from. Now meet the tool for doing it, Atomic Whois Explorer. Here is how it can be used for creating the address list for further mailing.

Collecting domains

If you don’t have the list of websites owners’ contacts of which you want to know then you can easily get it with the help of one of the features of Atomic Whois Explorer.

You can click “Extract domains”, insert the keywords relevant to your sphere of activity and target audience, and the program will find the URLs.

Adding domains

If you have already got the list of URLs upload them to the program. It’s possible to do this in the following way: select “Domain list” on the panel at the top of the screen and click “Add”:

The filter of the contacts type

There are some features that can make your search even more convenient and resultative. One of them is the Filter of contact types. Normally, a program collects emails, phone numbers, and even faxes and addresses if they are specified. But if you need only an email without any extra information set this up in the “Filter” tab:

Filters of email formats

If the email addresses of some formats are undesirable in your list you can set this in the “Common settings”, “Filters”:

Once you’ve done it the program will ignore the emails of certain formats.

Finding owners’ emails

Now that you’ve already got the websites for finding the emails of their owners just click “Start”:

Saving the results

Now that you’ve found the information you are interested in you can export it in any convenient way: save as a file, copy to clipboard, export to Word or Excel, or export to the other components of Atomic Email Studio.

If there are still not enough email addresses in your contact list there is one more way to enrich it. So, let’s pass to another component of Atomic Email Studio, and you will find out how to do this.

Atomic Email Logger

This is the email extractor from the local files. Some addresses can “hide” in different places on your PC. So, don’t miss the chance to find them! Use Atomic Email Logger.

Find emails anywhere on your PC

There are plenty of options. You can search for email addresses in the following places:

  • All hard disks on your PC.
  • Certain folders (including Desktop, My Documents, Downloads, Program files, or any others).
  • Certain files.
  • Browser cache (Opera, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Firefox are supported).
  • Messengers (Viber, Skype): the addresses will be extracted both from the history of chats and from the attached files.
  • Your own Mailbox: in this case, the same way, the emails will be collected from the history of emailing and from the attached files.


If you need to extract only the email addresses of a certain type, specify this in “Filters”. You can set up what the email should contain and what it shouldn’t:

Also, you can set the file types. So the program will extract the emails only from the files of the specified format and ignore other ones. Just enter the types of files that are to be processed and the ones that are to be skipped by the software:

Using three different email extractors will surely give you the possibility to collect enough contacts for further mailing. But can you just take the address list you’ve got and start sending messages? Of course, not! Only novices in email marketing think that everything is so easy. But professionals are aware that first, they need to have their address list verified. And now this is the time for the next Atomic Email Studio ingredient which is called Atomic Mail Verifier. 

Atomic Mail Verifier

This is a piece of software that checks if the addresses are valid or not. It helps to find duplicates, non-existent emails, fake addresses, spam traps, etc. This will help you to use the resources more rationally and save the reputation of the domain by not sending emails to nowhere and having a lower bounce rate. The program has got several advantages. Let’s overview them.

Accurate checking

Atomic Mail Verifier validates addresses in three steps:

  • checks syntax;
  • checks domain;
  • checks if it’s possible to deliver the email to the address.

This helps to reach maximal accuracy.

Easiness to use

Just import the address list and click “Start”.

The program divides the emails into the following groups: valid, invalid, uncertain, and disposable. You can save only valid addresses as a file, copy them to the clipboard or export to the other Atomic Email Studio components.

Once you know that your database is free of bad addresses you can organize the list in the way you wish. For this, there is the next component. 

Atomic List Manager

You can upload as many address lists to this piece of software as you need. And then, there are several operations available:

  • splitting;
  • extracting;
  • filtering/searching;
  • sorting;
  • shuffling;
  • removing duplicates;
  • getting rid of suspicious emails;
  • repairing incorrect emails and zones.

The ways of exporting the modified lists are the same as in the other components: saving as files, copying to the Clipboards, or exporting to the other pieces of software.

After using Atomic Mail Verifier and Atomic List Manager, the address list is surely ready for mailing! So, the time for Atomic Email Sender has come. Let’s take a glance at this component of Atomic Email Studio.

Atomic Mail Sender

This bulk email sender gives an opportunity to send emails to an unlimited number of recipients quickly and easily. Also, you can enjoy the following features.

SMTP support

You can connect to your own SMTP or find a third-party one. Using SMTP will make the mailing faster.

Social media widgets

Insert them into the newsletter for connecting two marketing channels: social media and email.

Unsubscribe link

Put it into the newsletter to avoid spam reports.

Spam check

This is a very useful feature because even fair marketers often get to spam because they don’t know how to create a newsletter properly. A built-in Spam check will give you advice on how to improve the email for not getting to the spam folder:

Ready-made templates

There is no need to waste time or budget on creating a design. Just choose one of the ready-made templates:

Scheduled delivery

You can set up the sequence of the emails in advance. Just choose the needed time and date of sending, and mailing will start automatically.

So, as you can see, Atomic Email Studio has the components for all the stages of email marketing campaigns. Now let’s discuss who and why may need this channel of communication with the target audience.

Uses: who may need Atomic Email Studio and for what purposes?

Atomic Email Studio is created for all the people who are eager to use bulk email sending. These can be:

  • Email marketers. They can use the program for their everyday work.
  • Small entrepreneurs. Those who don’t want to hire an email marketer can try to launch campaigns by themselves with the help of bulk mailing with Atomic Email Studio.
  • Bloggers. This category of people often needs to reach out to many people to promote their blogs. So, Atomic Email Studio will be a perfect variant to set up cold email campaigns.

Benefits: why to choose Atomic Email Studio?

We recommend Atomic Email Studio for marketing purposes due to the following facts:

    • This is an all-in-one program. So, there is no need to buy several pieces of software and waste the budget. You purchase one program and get six tools for all the stages of successful emailing.
    • The price is favorable. Atomic Email Studio costs only $229. No extra fee is needed. You just pay once and launch as many campaigns as you need. This software doesn’t “eat” your budget, unlike online services that require payment for each operation you do.


  • There is 24/7 support. If some features are hard to understand for you or some problems appear while usage just contact the specialists. They are ready to explain everything to you in detail at every time of day or night. One year of support is included in the price of the program. Since 12 months have passed you can buy an updated version and enjoy support again.


Conclusion: our verdict on Atomic Email Studio

This is the program that has no analogs on the modern market. There is no similar software that would contain the complete set of instruments for all the stages of email marketing campaigns like Atomic Email Studio does. So, we highly recommend this program as a unique all-in-one tool for launching email marketing campaigns. With the help of it you will be able to:

  • collect email addresses from anywhere: the Web, Whois database, and local files;
  • verify emails to check is they are existent and valid or not;
  • manage the lists which is important if you’ve got a big client database;
  • send emails easily and quickly.

And all this is in just one piece of software for only $229 without any additional fees. Furthermore, one year of 24/7 support is included in this small price. What else can an email marketer dream about? Atomic Email Studio has everything and even more. So, download the program and get acquainted with it for free for 7 days to test all the features and feel all the benefits by yourself!